About the Campaign

I can MANifest change is a public awareness campaign.

Its goal is to positively engage men and boys in ending violence against women.

Rather than viewing men and boys as perpetrators, I can MANifest change is about empowering them.

We want men and boys to see themselves as agents of change and empowered bystanders who can help put a stop to violence against women through their own actions.

It could be as simple as telling a friend not to tell sexist jokes, or rejecting media that condones gender-based violence.

The choice is yours.

Take your pledge today and share
how you plan on MANifesting change.

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We can help

Why do men and boys need to be engaged
in ending violence against women?

  • Because violence against women is not a women’s issue – it’s a community issue.
  • Because men can use their voices and perspectives to make community change.
  • Because men listen to men and boys listen to boys.
  • Because we all benefit from safe families and communities.
  • Because we all know survivors and can be a support.

For more information

Contact Matt Schaaf at men@octevaw-cocvff.ca or Erin Leigh at ed@octevaw-cocvff.ca