The Model




MANifest Change is an evidence-based program in which young men aged 15-25 develop their leadership skills by

  • Joining their efforts to end gender-based violence (GBV) with the experience and expertise of women and LGBTTQ experts in the field
  • Engaging in activities that promote positive masculinity
  • Learning the skills of consent, emotional intelligence and healthy boundaries that support healthy relationships
  • Practicing the skills of active bystander intervention in order to prevent or de-escalate common situations of GBV


Men and boys have a vital role and responsibility in ending gender-based violence. Our experience proves that young men welcome the chance to discuss masculinity, strength and violence in a way that respects their lived experience. They are ready for the challenge to self-reflect and to act as allies to women and girls, LGBTTQ people and to each other.

Five Conversations to MANifest Change

One of the keys to MANifest Change is looking at real-life examples of how Gender-based violence takes place in our communities.


“MANifest Change is a tremendous program that encourages men and boys to speak up and put an end to male violence . . . [inspiring] thousands of people to change their way of thinking and be confident to speak out against anything that promotes violence against women.” 
- Jeff Hurtubise, Community Funding Consultant, City of Ottawa