Program Delivery


MANifest Change harnesses the power of male role modeling, and so your agency must have at least one masculine-identifying youth worker who will be trained as a MANifest Change facilitator. People of all genders are encouraged to become facilitators.


MANifest Change is most effective as a regular dose of positive “guy talk” over a longer period, rather than a one-time workshop. The programming is often delivered to youth as a series of five 90 minute workshops. The series can be extended to 10 weeks to include an enhanced leadership component. The principles and activities of MANifest Change can also be used in informal coaching conversations or blend with therapeutic practice. Some common program delivery options include:

  • Five Conversations Workshop Series + Leadership Development Module (10 week workshop series)
  • Five Conversations Workshop Series (5 week workshop series)
  • Weekend Retreat + Follow up Event
  • Informal Coaching Conversations


Agencies that have integrated MANifest Change programming into their work include immigrant-serving organizations, community health and resource centres, public high schools, university sports teams and youth justice institutions.


“Creating a space for newcomer, immigrant and racialized young men and boys to deconstruct the manifestation of VAW is profound. Every culture perpetrates VAW, and newcomer, immigrant and racialized men and boys need to be provided with a space to engage the manifestation of VAW in their culture, in addition to understanding how VAW manifests within Eurocentric Canadian culture.”

- Magda Osman, Community Health Worker for Children and Youth, supervisor of Somali Youth Mentorship Program


OCTEVAW staff support each agency’s Program Manager and frontline youth workers to adapt the MANifest Change model to the cultural, developmental and cognitive needs of the youth:

  1. A 30 minute phone interview with a Program Manager in order to understand the needs of the youth and clarify any questions about program delivery;
  2. An intensive three-day Facilitator Training for frontline youth workers;
  3. Coaching and feedback for new facilitators as they deliver the programming;
  4. Connecting new facilitators with women and LGBTQ GBV experts in Ottawa;
  5. Ongoing and summative evaluation of the program;
  6. Supporting sustainability of the programming with further facilitator formation and opportunities to participate in MANifest Change community events.


All training and coaching within Ottawa is free, thanks to the generous support of Crime Prevention Ottawa. We provide training to agencies outside Ottawa on a fee-for-service basis.


MANifest Change Facilitators must attend the full three day training:

  • January 15 – 17, 2018 from 9am to 4pm daily at the Richelieu-Vanier Community Centre (300 Pères-Blancs Ave.).
  • On-site training for six or more staff members is also possible – please contact the Coordinator.



Participating organizations must complete the first round of MANifest Change programming by March 31, 2018.



At this time all training and support is offered in English. A portion of our training materials are available in French, and multilingual youth workers are encouraged to adapt MANifest Change activities to the languages and cultural context of the youth they support.


For more information about MANifest Change and your agency, contact Matt Schaaf, MANifest Change Coordinator at or (613) 400 -8727.