What you can do

What can I do?

We recently completed a MANifest Change Public Workshop series for male allies. These six workshops helped community members of all genders to develop the knowledge and skills to take action against gender-based violence. Sign up to be notified of future public workshops.

Be ready to support a friend who has experienced gender-based violence, and find out what community services exist for women and girls, gender non-conforming folks and men and boys facing harassment, abuse or assault.

When you see a situation that normalizes gender-based violence, degrades women and girls or is escalating towards abuse or assault, what can you do? Learn more about active bystander skills and book a workshop to improve your prevention and intervention skills.

What do I do if I’m aware of harassment, abuse or assault in my workplace, family or friend group? What if I have harmed someone – is it possible to make it right? Working towards accountability is not easy, and there some common questions people ask as they take these steps.


Facilitator Training

OCTEVAW trains youth workers to deliver evidence-based MANifest Change programming within your organization's existing service delivery model. MANifest Change suits all-male programming or mixed-gender groups.


Book a workshop

Learn to recognize common situations of gender-based violence and how to prevent them. Explore positive masculinities and identify harmful aspects of "acting like a man". How do we make the skills of negotiating consent relevant to young men? MANifest Change workshops skill you up in active bystander techniques and help you ask the right questions as you your school, youth group or campus group seeks to address gender-based violence. We also speak at public events and panels on community safety, violence prevention and the role of men and boys in ending gender-based violence. Check out the Workshop FAQ or book immediately at men@octevaw-cocvff.ca or (613) 400-8727.



Want to share your time in order to prevent gender-based violence in Ottawa? Here's three ways to contribute to a safer community for everyone.