What you can do

What can I do when I see violence happening?

There are some basic ways we can support someone when they are facing a difficult situation.


Youth-serving organizations

If you are an organization working with young people we will train your male staff to deliver MANifest Change programming within your existing service delivery model: one-on-one, psycho-educational groups or weekend guy retreats. MANifest Change suits all-male programming or mixed-gender groups. Learn more or register right away for training on Nov. 28-29, 2016.


Book a workshop for my school, fraternity,
sports team or youth group

It can be challenging to recognize Gender-Based Violence and Violence Against Women, let alone know what to do when we see it. Our workshops skill you up in active bystander techniques and give you the right questions to ask to prevent and address violence. Check out the Workshop FAQ or book immediately at men@octevaw-cocvff.ca or 613 400 8727.


Become a community champion to end
Gender-Based Violence and Violence Against Women

2017 Public Facilitator Training Dates - To Be Determined

Want to share your time in order to MANifest Change? The Facilitator Training prepares you to lead activities with young men that help us recognize Gender-Based Violence and know what to do to prevent and stop it. We have given over 100 workshops to thousands of young people, and we give you what we've learned so far. Our Facilitator FAQ has the scoop.


Got social media muscles, event organizing panache or an appetite to raise funds?

Get in touch to find out how you can support a movement of men working to make Ottawa safer for everyone.