Workshop descriptions

MANifest Change workshops are a blend of presentation, discussion and skills practice. Ariane Wylie and Jan van Heuzen will be the primary facilitators, and may invite guest speakers or trainers who support the needs and interests of the group.


Jan. 25: Skills for supporting friends, family or colleagues affected by GBV     

  • What is gender-based violence?
  • What shapes does gender-based violence take?
  • How can we support survivors of gender-based violence who share their stories with us?


Feb. 1: Exploring Masculinities

  • What does it mean to be a man, a woman, or a non-binary person in our society?
  • How does the way that we understand masculinity relate to gender-based violence?
  • How can our understanding of masculinity help us to take action against gender-based violence?


Feb. 8: Impact of Gender-based violence

  • What is the impact of gender-based violence on survivors?
  • What is the impact of gender-based violence on our community?
  • How can we talk to the men in our lives about changing behaviours that contribute to rape culture and gender-based violence?


Feb. 15: Consent Culture

  • What does consent look like, sound like, and feel like in sexual situations?
  • How can we communicate about the sex we do and don’t want?
  • How can we learn about the kinds of sex our partner(s) do and don’t want?


Feb. 22: Active Bystander Skills

  • How do impact and intent shape the experience of gender-based violence?
  • What can we do when we witness gender-based violence?
  • How can we respond in a way that puts the needs of the person being targeted first?


Mar. 1: Handling Power and Privilege as an Ally

  • In what parts of our lives do we hold power or experience privileges?
  • In what parts of our lives do we lack power or experience oppression?
  • How do power and privilege affect gender-based violence?